Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Administrators Win an iPad 3

How to Stop Bullies

Administrators who send blog posts about how to stop bullying in schools can win an ipad 3!
As we discuss how to stop bullying on this blog, the video blog, and in a webinar by the National Crime Prevention Council (info coming soon!), educators on this blog have asked to hear more from administrators.

Your time is precious, and so are your students. So as a way to help make your time worth a few minutes to type out a blog post, we want to give one guest blogger administrator this month an iPad 3, totally free.

But let’s not lose our focus—this blog is dedicated to provide all educators with effective ways to create a learning atmosphere. The iPad 3 is nice (very, very nice); however, it’s not why we do what we do.

In the month of April we had more blog post submissions than we were able to publish, and the feedback that we received was phenomenal.  This month, May is dedicated to understanding the complexities of bullying, helping bullies stop, and helping victims protect themselves. In other words, it’s another essential part of creating a learning environment. Administrators deal with bullies several times a day—and we’d like to hear what strategies you use to create a safer school.

So, to all you administrators, superintendents, and principals (or to all your secretaries), we invite you to win the iPad 3 at the end of the month by sending us some of your most successful strategies (and yes, more posts will increase your chances).

29 days. 1 iPad 3. Unlimited potential.

I can’t wait to hear from you. Send your submissions to

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