Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Giving Our Children the Safety They Deserve

How to Stop Bullying in Schools

Cynthia Durham, Supervisor
Casey Co. Board of Education

As educators, bullying is one of the most serious challenges we face in our schools today. It is often a hidden problem despite the widespread and serious nature of bullying. The reason for this is many times teachers/principals don’t take the offense serious; they view it as a normal part of growing up and students must learn to stand up for themselves. This is just one of the many views we must change as we strive to rid our schools of this very serious problem that can lead to life-long consequences, even death.

Also there are so many forms of bullying from physical, to verbal, to the newest cyber bullying, that we can’t monitor all the ways children can harass other students. This is why it is so important for schools to provide a range of activities to reinforce the anti-bullying theme. Some examples of what schools might do, include holding assemblies to discuss the types of bullying, why it is important to report any incidences you may witness, and the schools anti-bullying policy; display posters throughout the school, a contest where students design anti- bullying slogans for buttons, shirts, or posters; and students take pledges to vow never to bully or do hurtful things to others.

We must also provide our staff with professional development so they are prepared to deal with bullying issues, how to counsel students who have been bullied, and training on a curriculum to use with students to help reinforce the use of cyber bullying and its effects on students. Safety is very important to our students as they strive to attain their education, and it takes an entire school community to work together to ensure our students are safe and secure in the school setting.

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