Friday, February 3, 2012

Behavior and Classroom Management: Make It Work, Make It Last

Hi there, loyal blog readers! It's Jared Heath here with School Improvement Network. By now, many of you have seen the link our website that invites you to be a guest blogger. That's a fun little part of a new way we're helping educators now, but it's only a small part. I'd like to break that corporate image for a minute and talk to you about what we're doing each month.

Free PD

Sure, PD 360 is supporting teachers and students in phenomenal ways. It's incredibly inexpensive for your schools, and it's proven to be more effective than even I imagined (and I'm a marketing guy). But our passion truly is supporting teachers, helping students, and improving schools, and we felt like we could do a little more to help you.

From that idea sprang what we now offer on our new website as "Free PD." Every month has a specific theme, and February's theme is "Behavior and Classroom Management: Make It Work, Make It Last." Here at the inception of this initiative (we just started in January), we are offering the following free resources:
  • Free PD 360 videos
  • Blog posts that discuss the topic in depth (that's where you come in)
  • Free monthly webinars
  • Monthly ebooks (coming soon)
  • SchoolCasts (coming soon) NOW HERE!
Are you ready for a confession? Me, I'm a high school dropout. Technically. It's not that I didn't have teachers who cared about me, and it's not that I didn't have the capacity. But I knew as a 17-year-old kid that there had to be more to education than what I experienced. I work at School Improvement Network, because I believe in educators. I believe in you. And this is what I can do to help you. [But don't worry--that story ends well. I got my GED, went to college, married a beautiful lady, and started a family. :) ]

Free PD 360 Videos

Like I said earlier, PD 360's differentiated training is doing wonders in schools all around the world. That's why we're releasing one free video from the PD 360 library every week--but be sure to catch it before the next week, because we replace it with a new one every Monday morning (or afternoon). Come visit our Free Video Blog, comment on the video, and for heaven's sake, start a conversation about it. No one is as good at this teaching thing as you.

Blog and Guest Blog Posts

You are the expert--no one knows what it is like to teach in your classroom in your school under your circumstances like you do. And it's not just teachers. Administrators have a lot to tell us about their experiences and how they are making the machine roll. We can tell you anything we want, but you'd probably rather hear it from your peers. We have this blog, and we also write a Common Core 360 blog. Drop by each to see what's going on. We post to each several times a week, and we hope we can answer your needs.

An educator emailed me a few weeks ago, shaming me for asking you to do the guest blog posts for free. That's actually not true. We do giveaways every month for educators who write a guest post for us. For the month of February, EVERY educator who blogs for us gets an ENTIRE YEAR of Common Core 360 for free. In the month of March, EVERY educator who blogs for us gets FREE registration for the School Improvement Innovation Summit.

Send me an email at if you'd like more info.


Our partners are just as excited about helping you as we are. At the end of every month, you have a chance to sit in on a free webinar featuring people who do this stuff professionally. In February, you'll hear from the folks at Autism Training Solutions (and when I say they're changing the world, I mean it).

If you can't catch the webinar, we do a pretty good job at posting the video within a couple of weeks for you to watch at your leisure.

SchoolCasts and eBooks

SchoolCasts are audio recordings of webinars and PD 360 videos that you will be able to download and listen to on your commute or on your morning jog. We're working on making these available to you as soon as possible.

At the end of every month,  there's a lot of content that we've gathered for these themes. We put it all together into an ebook and make it available to you--again, entirely free. We'll have January's ebook out (Common Core: Supporting the Whole Teacher and Student) within the next couple of weeks.

The Wrap Up

I invite you to avail yourself of these resources. They are free so that you can use them in your classroom and your profession. Come around every week for the video, email me your blog posts so that I can post them, and enjoy what I am working avidly on making one of the largest caches of free professional development resources.

Our students need you. This is one way we can help you meet their needs.

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