Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Online Course from Marcia L. Tate on Brain-Engaging Strategies

Based on Marcia Tate’s best-selling books, School Improvement Network and Corwin announce a new online course from Marcia L. Tate, Growing Dendrites: 20 Strategies That Engage the Brain. Participants in Tate’s online course will see how to improve students’ retention of what they have learned by learning and practicing the rich brain-compatible strategies she offers in the course. Marcia L. Tate has helped thousands of teachers every year discover the power of brain-compatible teaching and now her classroom-proven practical techniques are available through this rich multi-media online professional learning experience.

Through the 10 completely interactive modules of Marcia Tate’s course, participants learn about the research behind brain-compatible teaching and develop concrete strategies that can be applied directly in the classroom. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear directly from Marcia via live webinars. As with all Corwin-SINET online courses, Marcia’s course allows participants to see actual educators applying the course content: 20 strategies that engage the brain, at both elementary and secondary levels all across North America.

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