Monday, September 13, 2010

Homework for Equity 101, Session 6

Watch the PD 360 video segment School Culture: Professional Attitudes from the program How to Increase Minority Student Achievement featuring Bonnie Davis discussing that teachers who have true pride in their work do not let students fail.
Elementary version:
Secondary version:

Describe two colleagues/mentors/administrators that you have personally worked with who:

1. Explicitly exhibited positive professional attitudes towards equity. He or she strongly believed in the potential of every one of his or her students, and worked to assure that none of them failed. He or she also showed strong cultural competency towards all students.

2. Clearly did not show a strong professional attitude towards equity. He or she placed all learning responsibility explicitly upon the students, and showed little responsibility for student failure. He or she also often engaged in deficit thinking in assuming that the student lacked certain skills and/or ambition to succeed.

Describe each of these colleagues in terms of what they were like to work with, the impact they had on students and other educators, and the ways in which they seemed to enjoy or not enjoy their work.

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