Friday, November 7, 2014

The Real Value of Teachers and How to Support Them

Last week, our CEO and President, Chet Linton, was a guest on KSL Studio 5 explaining new research about the economic value of an effective teacher and five ways parents can better support their students’ teachers.

Here are some highlights of the research and insights he shared:

The Economic Impact of a Teacher – An effective teacher who teaches for 30 years with an average class size of 25 students whose students all go on to earn college degrees or technical certificates has a $930 million positive impact.

The Social Impact of a Teacher – These same teachers also contribute to a:
  • 19% drop in welfare dependence
  • 22% drop in divorce
  • 19% drop in smoking
  • 12% drop in obesity
  • 28% drop in incarceration
How to Support Effective Teachers – Here are five ways parents can better support teachers to help their students get the most out of their education and training:
  1. Prep your student – Help your students arrive at school on time, well rested and fed, and prepared for a full day of learning. Help them understand the value of an education and the impact it will have on their life.
  2. Volunteer – Be a classroom aide or offer other help that your students’ teachers might need.
  3. Be the bridge – Help students understand what the teacher wants them to learn in a specific assignment and why they need to do it. Put it into context and help make their homework relevant to them.
  4. Show school spirit – Get involved in the PTA, go to parent-teacher conferences, and go to school functions and events.
  5. Support quality training – Vote for and support ballot measures and candidates that support quality training for teachers and education funding.
Watch the complete interview on how you can support teachers.


  1. Thanks your post.Its was a guest on KSL Studio 5.

  2. Thanks your post.Its was a guest on KSL Studio 5.

  3. Excellent post, thanks for sharing! I absolutely agree, we should support teachers a lot more. A lot of people undervalue educator's work and don't realize how hard it is. It's nice to show teachers some gratitude and appreciation, if possible try to make their life easier. You've mentioned some great tips. I could also recommend admissions essay for parents who want to help their kids with the homework. Even though teachers usually do their best, it's really hard to make sure everyone understands the material perfectly, so parent should help as well.

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