Friday, June 22, 2012

What Can You Learn in One-on-One Training with Heidi Hayes Jacobs?

Get one-on-one curriculum mapping training with Heidi Hayes Jacobs on July 18 - 19.
Since the adoption of The Common Core Standards Initiative, school systems across the U.S. have been searching for quality resources to guide them through effective implementation. Books, websites, and webinars all help, but each is missing something that makes a significant difference—actual one-on-one instruction and collaboration with an expert to guide them through the details of the curriculum mapping process.

At the Common Core Institute on July 18-19 in Salt Lake City, Heidi Hayes Jacobs and her colleagues at Curriculum21, will be hosting engaging hands-on sessions to guide district leaders through the difficult-but-necessary process of Common Core implementation. This is not just an expert on a stage presenting his or her own research. Heidi and her team will work with participants to tailor the participants’ curriculum maps to the needs of their 21st century students and learn how to best construct curriculum maps that align to the Common Core Standards for student success.

And those who attend the Institute will not leave empty handed. Each attendee will receive free access to Mapping to the Core and Mapping to the Core: LivePlanner (a $210 value)—Heidi Hayes Jacobs’ innovative LiveBooks available on the LiveBook platform from School Improvement Network. With automatic author updates, user comments, and peer-note sharing, mapping curriculum to the Common Core Standards becomes more than a task to be completed; it becomes an entirely new learning experience.

Common Core implementation won’t necessarily be easy or “natural” for every school or district, but how many things that are “worth it” are easy? It’s essential that administrators and teachers find a way to successfully implement the Standards in order to provide every student a better shot at success beyond their K-12 experience. The training with Dr. Jacobs is a guiding step for successful implementation, and it’s just the beginning. Register for the Institute and get the one-on-one instruction you’ve been looking for.

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