Monday, June 25, 2012

UNVEILED: Teacher Effectiveness System to Be Presented at 2012 Innovation Summit

Teacher Effectiveness System by School Improvement Network

The Teacher Effectiveness System by School Improvement Network will be unveiled at the School Improvement Innovation Summit 2012 in Salt Lake City.
The ultimate measure of teacher effectiveness is each student being prepared for college and career. Teacher effectiveness is more important now than it has ever been. Students in U.S. schools have been falling and failing and we have to help them. It may be impossible to pinpoint what isn’t working in our school systems and how to fix it, but the worst thing we can do is to do nothing.

Simply blaming teachers for the poor academic results of our students is a little ridiculous, but recognizing that we may not be giving teachers the support they need to be effective isn’t. Every teacher can better the learning experience for every student and guide them to college and career readiness, but success doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a process. The Teacher Effectiveness System (TES) contains that process.

TES by School Improvement Network compiles essential learning elements into a systematic teacher effectiveness framework that encompasses every facet of education. The Teacher Effectiveness System is the support that teachers need to be more effective in the classroom and to help 100% of students become college and career ready.

At the 2012 School Improvement Innovation Summit, School Improvement Network will be officially releasing the Teacher Effectiveness System and leading discussions about the process within the system, benefits, and the specific tools used to improve teacher effectiveness. The Summit will also feature innovative keynotes, educational experts, and a highly collaborative environment for leaders in education to gain strategic frameworks and actionable tools they can implement in their local school systems.

In addition to the dynamic speakers and sessions at the Summit, School Improvement Network implementation specialists, trainers, and customer support personnel will be on hand to work with attendees and answer any questions they have on PD 360, Observation 360, Common Core 360, TES, and more.

Innovation Summit Topics include:
  • Innovative Leadership that leads to 100% College and Career Readiness
  • Innovations in On-Demand Professional Development
  • Successful implementation of the Common Core Standards
  • Equity tied to practice that works for all students
  • Take-aways offering innovative approaches to vision and direction
Teacher effectiveness makes all the difference for students. Learn more about how to improve teacher effectiveness to help 100% of students be college and career ready at the School Improvement Innovation Summit by visiting

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