Thursday, April 14, 2011

Educational Innovation: What does it look like?

“The ‘innovation’ that has happened in classrooms—mostly in the form of gizmos and gadgets—is not sufficient to produce the student learning required in the 21st century.” –Randy Shumway

In his article earlier this week, Randy Shumway (CEO of the Cicero Group) asserted that the school reform that has been taking place in classrooms across the country, is in fact, not reform at all. He states that, “Even big policy ideas, heralded as innovative by some reformers (including changes in the ways teachers are evaluated and compensated or the way students are assessed), remain largely "in the box" because they do little to rethink and restructure our schools.”

So the question remains, what does innovation look like? Is innovation necessary?

Read the full article in the Deseret News

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