Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Effective Classroom Instruction—Teaching with Verbs vs. Nouns

Technology is seen and used differently in every generation. One key factor in effective classroom instruction then would be the method of teaching to today's students keeping in mind the way they see technology. Marc Prensky, CEO of Games2train, posted an article on Today's Campus asking teachers "Are you lecturing about nouns or facilitating learning with verbs?" He uses the term "digital immigrants" to describe those who view digital technology as a series of tools and "digital natives" to describe those who see technology as a means of getting things done. Many of the today's students would be considered digital natives, therefore requiring a unique approach to instruction by teachers. He explains the difference between teaching "stuff" and facilitating actioncommunicating and doing.

To learn more and to see the list of 21st century skills expressed as verbs Click Here

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