Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Personalized Learning Solution for Students with GAGE

The GAGE personalized learning program is available to selected school districts this fall for the 2014-2015 school year. 

Our personalized learning solution GAGE is now scalable across any school or system. GAGE provides everything needed to transform a traditional school or district into a personalized learning environment and gives districts the ability to provide personalized, mastery-based learning along with real-time professional development resources for educators combined into a single system.

"True personalized learning has the potential to revolutionize education by allowing educators to meet the precise and unique needs of 100 percent of students, but has never before been possible because educators have not had the tools and resources to implement a sustainable model," said Chet D. Linton, CEO and president of School Improvement Network. "Now, the personalized learning transformation powered by GAGE provides the technology and curriculum students need bundled with the training, support, and reporting educators need to engage students in a higher level of thinking and learning, making personalized learning a scalable reality for any school or system."

Personalized learning with GAGE shifts pedagogical practice to help students take ownership of their learning experience, including ho, when, and where they learn. Beginning at their current level of understanding, students are able to use a range of activities based on their personal interests, learning styles, and goals, ultimately leading them to subject mastery at their individual pace. By teaching students "how to learn," this personalized learning system transforms education into a lifelong learning experience by equipping students with the skills they need to compete in a modern global economy and continue learning and finding solutions to problems independently.

GAGE is delivered on the Agilix xLi platform, a proven and scalable learning platform and was field tested and proven in multiple schools and districts before becoming available to all districts and systems.

"Education is moving to personalized learning because it has been shown to be a more effective model," said Curt Allen, CEO of Agilix. "School districts need the platforms, tools, and professional development support required to provide these new opportunities for their students. School Improvement Network's personalized learning solution GAGE pulls all these elements together in an integrated, scalable, and sustainable way. We are pleased to provide the platform for the delivery of this solution."

GAGE includes content from multiple curriculum partners, including Compass Learning®, Blended Schools Network, The NROC Project, and Qlovi. These resources, combined with School Improvement Network's tools, give districts and school systems everything they need to launch and sustain a personalized learning environment, including an engaging K-12 centric user experience, a digital library of K-12 curriculum aligned to the Common Core or any states standards, data-driven dashboards and analytics, and the most robust professional development resources and educator community available.

The new solution also provides the flexibility for districts to customize and supplement the digital curriculum library with their own resources, OER, or content from other publishers such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Pearson, Compass Learning, and others.

The GAGE personalized learning program is available to selected school districts this fall for the 2014-2015 school year. District administrators interested in being considered for inclusion in this program should contact School Improvement Network at


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