Friday, February 14, 2014

Should Teachers Get Bonuses for Student Performance?

National Survey by School Improvement Network Reveals Educator Opinions about Pay, Bonuses for Student Performance

School Improvement Network released results of a national survey of educators showing educator perceptions of their pay, and opinions about possible bonuses for student performance. As part of their commitment to give educators a voice on issues impacting education, School Improvement Network regularly conducts educator surveys as part of the “Voices of Education” survey series.

“Educators are an invaluable and significantly underemphasized part of developing a strong workforce and stable economy through their impact on students,” said Chet D. Linton, School Improvement Network CEO and president. “It is vital that we invest in teacher growth and development to help them become as effective as possible and increase their ability to impact student performance and help students master the skills they need to graduate ready for college and career.”

The Educator Pay Survey revealed that 70 percent of educators nationwide feel they are fairly compensated in their work, and 81 percent have pursued additional training or certification to increase salary. Only 23 percent of educators said they would alter their teaching methods if a bonus were given for improved student performance.

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