Monday, April 2, 2012

4 Kindle Fires with Your Name On Them

April Fool's was yesterday, so you know that this is the real deal--every week during the month of April, we are giving away a FREE Kindle Fire every week for that week's guest bloggers! And since there are only 5 days in a work week, you can do the math on your odds of winning this time.

April's free professional development theme is "Student Achievement Best Practices: How to Help Your Students Reach Their Potential"Just ask Curtis Nightingale how his Kindle Fire is working out--but if he doesn't respond, then he's probably just having too much fun (umm, I mean work) with it.

During the month of April, our Weekly Video Blog and this blog are focusing on "Student Achievement Best Practices: How to Help Your Students Reach Their Potential." If you'd like some ideas of what to write about, visit our Weekly Video Blog. Today's video is from PD 360's program "Questioning to Stimulate Learning and Thinking," and it's called "Processing Student Responses."

At School Improvement Network, our goal and our passion is support teachers and prepare all students for college and career readiness. Let's talk together about effective strategies for understanding students and helping them reach their potential.

Happy blogging!

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