Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Technology Brings Personalized Learning to the Classroom

Technology at their fingertips, students all over the world have the ability to instantly access the information most interesting to them. With this abundance of data readily available, how are these same students supposed to focus in a classroom with one-size-fits-all lessons?

In schools across the country, technology is providing a solution as an avenue for personalization in learning. While the time and effort necessary to accommodate such a vast number of students has hindered the process of personalized learning in the past, technology may just be the answer educators are looking for. Although technology could be seen as a replacement for teachers, Julie Young, the president and chief executive office of the 97,000-student Florida Virtual School, based in Orlando, explains, “This does not mean a teacherless environment. On the contrary, it means you need an even more talented teacher who can think creatively and guide students.”

Learn more about personalized learning through technology at Education Week

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