Monday, January 17, 2011

High School Students Run Credit Union and Gain Real World Skills

National Academy Foundation High School students are taking advantage of an opportunity many kids their age don’t get. Thanks to MECU, a credit union created for members of the Baltimore City community, students are learning firsthand about financial responsibility and preparing for their futures in the real world. The only one of its kind in Baltimore, this student-run branch of MECU has 14 student-tellers, who manage more than 140 accounts. Running successfully since October 2008, this program for National Academy Foundation students has been a positive tool to help them prepare for college and the work force, while teaching important skills such as being on time, dressing appropriately, and maintaining a professional demeanor in the work place.

Learn more about this student-run credit union at The Baltimore Sun

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  1. It’s amazing that these students have such an opportunity! For kids it’s highly important to learn the basics of finances and get some practice. I’m sure that this credit union gives them the great experience that will help them a lot in life. Also they can learn about today’s popular financial products like credit cards, fast payday loans, personal loans and etc. It’s very important to be financially literate to have a successful financial life.