Friday, August 27, 2010

How Passing Pays Off—Literally

Yesterday, the Houston school board agreed to implement a $1.5 million program to provide incentives for parents and students at the 25 elementary schools ranked the lowest in math achievement.

Students would earn money for mastering key math concepts while parents would earn money for attending conferences with teachers. Together, students and parents could earn over $1000.

Will this program really pay off?

Learn more by reading the full article at the Houston Chronicle

1 comment:

  1. As I understand they are going to pay for the education, but in the other way. I guess it is the first program for schools where students will be able to earn real money just making the ordinary math program. I do not know if this method will really teach people to study and give them knowledge that they can use in the future. However if you need to attend some courses to learn necessary subjects you may take payday advance for emergencies. In such case you will ba able to pay for the education and do not have difficulties with your budget.